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Glass Panda

Game Tray

Game Tray

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If you want to take your game to the next level, this Game Tray Next Level will do it! Stash your dry herbs in this and make sure you always have it handy. The device itself is almost like a game boy with pre-loaded games inside.


Besides this game tray, there is a paper dispenser inside. There is also a grinder and a small tray to roll up on. This makes it the most useful tool if you want to roll up and play a game. Simply roll one up, light it and play a game! There are 240 pre-installed games on this game tray!


Hidden rolling tray inside

2.4" TFT colored screen

Stainless shredder card

Rolling paper dispenser

240 amazing games pre-installed

64mb flash

3 AAA batteries included

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